Welcome to Tayside Dressage Group

Our main aims are to:

  • Encourage riders and non-riders to enjoy and participate in the sport of dressage;
  • Provide top class instruction at reasonable cost;
  • Provide competition experience and encourage potential dressage judges and riders.

To find out more about our group and what we offer our members please visit theĀ About Us pages.

Our latest news

  • 2016 Hat Regulations

    Posted 4 February 2016

    On the 20th of February from 11.30am-1.30pm we have an official BRC member coming to tag hat …

  • Diana Zajda Training

    Posted 3 February 2016

    Diana Zajda Training is on the 10th of February at Easter Rattray Equestrian Centre. Pl …

What's on

Date Event Location  
10/02/16 Diana Zadja Easter Rattray info
13/02/16 TDG Winter League Easter Rattray info
21/02/16 Anne Johnston Training Easter Rattray info
02/03/16 Diana Zadja Easter Rattray info
12/03/16 TDG Winter League Easter Rattray info
19/03/16 Anne Johnston Training South Bottymyre info
08/04/16 TDG Camp Easter Rattray info
23/04/16 Open Competition Easter Rattray info
11/05/16 Diana Zadja Easter Rattray info
28/05/16 TDG Open Competition Inchcoonans Equestrian info
29/06/16 Diana Zadja Inchcoonans Equestrian info